Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How the #shopFranklin was born...

Through the #shopFranklin initiative I have discovered many local businesses (old and new) and the great resources and talent we have here in Franklin, MA. I enjoy meeting wonderful people along the way and learning their Franklin stories. Now I know the little things like the best pickles are found at Daddario Hardware store...really! Looking forward to keep on learning, discovering and supporting our Franklin community!

So what is a #shopFranklin you ask? It is a collaborative environment for independent Franklin business owners and neighbors to discuss ways in which we can support local businesses in Franklin by sharing information, favorite businesses and ideas on events and initiatives.

How did it all start? #‎shopFranklin "accidentally" started in January of this year to find ways in which we could support our local businesses as more and more chains started opening and more small stores started closing.

And who is behind this successful movement? Local resident and a mom Sarah Mabardy. Here is what she has recently shared:
"I never imagined it would be going so strong. I will keep doing my part as long as you all promise to stick around and post about your businesses and about your experiences shopping at local businesses.
I am former corporate America, now a stay at home mom of seven+ years to two small, high energy boys. I have lived in Franklin for over 10 years and have been amazed in good ways and bad at how it has changed in those ten years. I do not own a small business. I just want to help the people that do."

Interested and intrigued? Join the conversation! 

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