About Franklin, MA

Over the past few years Franklin, MA often frequents the lists (Neighborhoodscout.com, CNN Money, Family Circle, Bloomberg, ) of the best or safest towns to live in, to raise a family in, or launch your business in. 
The Town of Franklin is a suburban industrial community on the watershed between the Charles and the Blackstone Rivers, 22 miles southwest of Boston. It is home of the country's first public library with its first books donated by Benjamin Franklin. From sports to arts, nature to local businesses, schools to senior center Franklin has a lot to offer. We even have our Town of Franklin theme song - courtesy of our talented resident and teacher Jamie Barrett - The City Know as the Town of Franklin

General Information
County                                         Norfolk
Year Established                            1778
Form of Government                     Home Rule Charter, Town Council, Town Administrator
School Structure                            K-12
Tax Rate                                        $14.58 per $1,000 (2017 FY)

Population - 2016 Annual Town Report

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