Thursday, June 12, 2014

FBRTC - Call to Action

Franklin & Bellingham Rail Trail Committee needs your help!

"Last week, the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed the Environmental Bond Bill, a bill that includes funding for long-term environmental projects across the State. Representative Jeffrey Roy of Franklin was successful in including $900,000 in the bill for work on the SNETT Prospect St tunnel project.

This is a great success thanks to Rep. Roy, but now the Bill needs to be approved by the Senate and signed by the Governor.

Please consider calling your Senator today and urge them to support the Environmental Bond Bill. The area Senators are listed below:

Karen Spilka: 617-722-1640,
Richard Ross: 617-722-1555,
Richard Moore: 617-722-1420,

This effort is time sensitive, so please consider calling today. Thank you."