Sunday, March 23, 2014

Community Spotlight: Self Esteem Through Art

Jenn Pipe is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has created a unique and powerful art-based character education and personal development program called Self Esteem Through Art. She designed this program for multiple reasons: 1) to help women rediscover and honor themselves and their identities, 2) to help children lead, learn, and grow through art, altruism, and authenticity, and 3) to introduce people of all ages to the healing effects of soul-searching through creativity.

Jenn introduces her curriculum to the community through an assortment of local classes and workshops for both children and adults. She is a part-time teacher of her art-based curriculum at the Benjamin Franklin Charter School in Franklin, where she will run summer camp once again this year. Jenn also works with businesses and corporations who are seeking authentic, creative, innovative ways for both connecting with their employees and increasing their bottom line.

Jenn is a Certified Coach in Self Esteem Elevation for Children, which is an invaluable asset in her line of work. Jenn’s Wish List: to see public schools adopting her social/emotional curriculum, to connect and empower people of all ages, and to make the world a better place one class at a time.

You can learn much more about Jenn her services at And don't forget to check out her FREE podcasts Areté Today on iTunes.

Connect with Jenn Pipe:
Phone: 508-561-8190

Photos and text courtesy of Jenn Pipe and Self Esteem Through Art.

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