Saturday, March 8, 2014

It's Maple Sugaring Season in Massachusetts

When did you last go to see maple sugaring? The industry is changing and modernizing. The buckets and one big hole in a tree are being substituted by plastic tubing and 3 smaller holes to help the tree heal faster. The sap is flowing, so go out and have fun exploring this sweet industry.

Matfield Maple Farm 2013

Appleton Farms Ipswich - Saturdays at the Sugar Shack
Land's Sake in Weston - Sugaring Off Festival
Mass Audubon Drumlin Farm Lincoln - Sap-to-Syrup Farmers Breakfast
Mass Audubon Ipswich - Weekend Maple Sugaring Tours
Mass Audubon Moose Hill Sharon- Maple Sugaring Festival
Matfield Maple Farm Tours - West Bridgewater
Natick Community Organic Farm - Maple Sugaring Tours
Old Sturbridge Village - Maple Days

For even more resources and sugar houses in Massachusetts visit   Massachusetts Maple Producers Association.

Moose Hill Sanctuary 2014
Matfield Maple Farm 2013