Friday, April 18, 2014

Great Blue Heron Rookery in Wrentham, MA

I had the opportunity to explore the Wollomonopoag Conservation Area that is just outside of Franklin, MA and is the home to a relatively large great blue heron rookery. I have counted over 20 heron's nests and 1 osprey nest.

Heron's Nests

From the designated parking lot, the dirt trail will lead you to a large beaver pond - you can spot their activity all over the place. Once there, you will see the nests up in the tops of the dead trees in the pond. The rookery is active from March until July, when the herons and their off-springs abandon the nests.

Beaver Activity
Osprey's Nest

To get there take Rt. 140 to Elysium Street. Follow the Elysium Street to the end, you will find parking lot on your right side before the gate.

Have fun exploring!